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Owner Managed Businesses – and their Owners

Clearly this is not a homogenous group, but covers many diverse economic activities. However, the one common thread is the close link between the business and its owners. At Sawin & Edwards we understand the close attachment that a small business has with its owner and although they are legally separate and have their own tax problems we understand the psychology of the entrepreneur who sees it as all part of his personal wealth.

Our services specifically include the following:

  • Advice on whether to incorporate
  • Incorporation of companies including Plc’s
  • Tax planning for the business and the individual
  • Financing the business
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Helping you deal with your bankers
  • Setting up your accounting and reporting systems
  • Production of regular and meaningful management accounts and interpreting these for the owner
  • Annual accounts and audit
  • Inheritance tax and estate planning for the owner
  • Passing the business on to the next generation
  • Preparing for a sale
  • Due diligence on acquisitions

If we can assist you in this area, please contact Keeley Edwards or Witold Sawin